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The goal of Proof Central is to foster development, understanding, and application of proof methods, especially methods that are fundamental in computer science. Proof Central hosts Athena, both a programming language and an interactive theorem proving environment. Versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux are downloadable from this site. A User’s Guide and Reference Manual are provided, as are support tools such as an Emacs athena-mode to aid in preparation and editing of files containing Athena declarations, definitions, procedures, and proofs. Athena Version 1.4 was released on 19 December 2017.


Proof Central also hosts support materials for a new textbook for learning proof methods and practicing their application:


Fundamental Proof Methods in Computer Science
Fundamental Proof Methods
in Computer Science
A Computer-Based Approach
Konstantine Arkoudas
David Musser
See also the book’s MIT Press and Amazon pages.


Athena is used in almost all of the book’s examples and exercise solutions. To support experimenting with variations on the book’s examples and working out solutions to exercises, Proof Central provides code files for all of the book’s eighteen chapters.